Community Based Programs

Elders & Clinicians Gatherings

Monthly meetings in which clinicians listen to and learn from the insights, experience and concerns of elders.

Indigenous Midwifery and Child health program

Provides culturally focused support for young mothers and infants with the goal of promoting healthy pregnancy and delivery, and limiting the need for medical intervention.

Kituwah Medical translation

Provides language translation services for speakers, and works to foster Cherokee language-based philosophy of health and well-being in the community.

CBNHP- Culturally Based Native Health Program

Coordinates the Native Health Certificate program, and works with community members and programs to identify additional areas of need for education and training in health related fields.

Traditional and Medicinal plant gardens and landscaping program

Provides information and assistance in the development of community gardens growing medicinal or traditional plants to promote health and well-being through connections to the land Tribal, corporate and government training regarding Indian land use issues and their relationship to community health.

Applied grant writing/program evaluation

Works with related tribal programs to seek outside funding, provides consultation regarding study design and implementation, as well as program evaluation and report writing Provide training to community programs in grant writing, program evaluation and report writing as desired.

Provide memberships to tribes & universities who share utilization of "post-colonial" approaches to academic and community-based initiatives. People aren't to be studied, but a partner in applied projects.

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